ShareFile VDR Virtual Data Rooms

A full-featured VDR solution that's
cost-effective, simple to use and easy to set up.

In today's fast-paced global economy, using traditional physical data rooms for due diligence can be a time-consuming and
difficult process. In addition to the hard costs of setting up a room and having bidders fly in to review documents, physical data
rooms typically reduce the universe of potential bidders and therefore lower the overall amount of an acqusition.

Accelerate due diligence and compress transaction timelines
Approach unlimited buyers, sellers, bidders, investors and lenders
Reduce costs associated with printing, faxing and courier services

How does ShareFile VDR work?

ShareFile VDR is an internet portal that allows documents to
be posted in an organized way and allows parties around the
world to access the documents in an easy, secure, and totally
auditable manner.

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